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Real Estate

You should have your own lawyer in a real estate transaction. Find out why
SHELDON LAW OFFICES, P.C. brings our accomplished practice and extensive knowledge of the law from 50 years of helping individuals in Massachusetts plan and achieve their personal, financial and real estate goals.

Purchase & Sale Contracts • Closing • Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Declaration of Homesteads • Preparation of Deeds • Title Examinations

Quiet Title Actions • Title Insurance • Leases • Zoning Issues • Foreclosures

Real Estate Law 
We advise every prospective seller or purchaser to consult an attorney before signing an Offer to Purchase or a Purchase and Sale Agreement. SHELDON LAW OFFICES, P.C. can guide you through your entire real estate transaction, from the Purchase and Sale Agreement to helping you obtain financing.

For mortgage lenders, SHELDON LAW OFFICES, P.C. can close any property transaction wherever the lender is located.

Our client list of banks and other financial lending institutions includes lenders operating both locally and nationally and we have closed thousands of loans. Your lender is probably one of them! Ask your lender to have us do your loan closing.

We also expertly handle applications for special permits or variances from local permitting authorities such as the Planning Board and Zoning Board from the initial application to hearing and appeal, if necessary.